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Visual Arts
Michelle Mantsio
Program: Visual Arts

Michelle Mantsio is a practising artist, working across media in the form of installation, drawing, video, web and textiles who has exhibited throughout Victoria and Australia. Michelle has studied and worked overseas as an artist and conservor in the Netherlands and Greece. In addition, she has curated various exhibitions with local, regional, national and international artists and co-ordinated the forums for the TekniKunst festival in 2004 and 2005.

Michelle has Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours and a Master of Art in Public Space. She is currently completing her PhD, at the Centre for Ideas, Victorian College of the Arts, where her research topic explores the use of repetition and pattern in developing an understanding of the abject body. She has presented a paper at the Future of Critical Theory Conference, University of Melbourne in November 2005.

Michelle has been accepted for a thematic Residency at the Banff Centre with Lucy Orta, Annie Fletcher (Chief Curator at the Van Abbemuseum) and Dianne Landry.

Most recently Michelle had an exhibition titled Two Brothers at the Seventh Gallery and it will also be exhibited at the Index Art Centre in Newark, New Jersey, USA.

At the centre of video Two Brothers is a soundtrack of a translated conversation between two brothers recorded in Thessaloniki, Greece where they discuss their country’s economic, cultural  and ideological situation.  The conversation is mapped  around a white cube as a choreographic score using Gregory Bateson’s theory of symmetrical and complimentary relationships. The score is performed by dancer Victoria Huf. These layers of intertwined conversation (between the brothers, between the dancer and the score, between speakers, performer, artist and broader political context) explore an 'impossible' translation.

Visual Arts