Future students

FEE-HELP and Financial Assistance

The Academy is an approved higher education provider able to offer FEE-HELP to students in the Bachelor of Design Arts course.

FEE-HELP is an Australian Government scheme that assists eligible fee-paying students with their tuition fees. Through FEE-HELP, the government provides a loan to cover all or part of the cost of tuition. Students repay their loans either at any time voluntarily, or compulsorily through the Australian taxation system when the student's income reaches a set repayment threshold. This supports students who would prefer to study at an independent institution without the burden of paying fees ‘up-front’.

Details of the FEE-HELP scheme are available from the Commonwealth Government's Study Assist website. A booklet and FEE-HELP application forms are also available from the Academy's Administration Office.

Repayment Plans

The Academy of Design can arrange a payment plan for students who prefer to pay fees upfront. For details about your eligibility and terms, contact the Administration Office.

Government Assistance

The Department of Human Services (incorporating Centrelink) provides benefits for eligible students. Visit www.humanservices.gov.au or call 13 24 90 for details.

A number of other state and federal agencies can provide financial assistance to students. Visit studyassist.gov.au and www.education.gov.au for details.

Bank Loans

The major banks have student loans available. See bank websites or your local branch for details.