InteriorDesign | Interior Design

With immense global urbanisation, never before has interior design offered so many opportunities to change the way people live. 

With a strong focus on the relationship between space and the user-experience the students discover the history and world of interiors, styles, trends and how to conceptualise, develop, and produce dynamic and engaging spaces in the various sectors of the built environment including residential and commercial projects. 

The conceptual, theoretical and technical knowledge, inclusive of computer aided design components provides the necessary skills in the design process and allows graduates to excel in a career where place and people meet. 

  • Understand and appreciate a client’s needs and resulting space requirements 
  • Identify and address spatial and function needs for interiors Integrate research and technical specifications into the design process 
  • Understand and design for residential and commercial space needs
  • Appreciate and apply key concepts in sustainability 
  • Understand style and trend forecasting in the design process.

Graduating with a major in Interior Design prepares you for a range of different career possibilities both within a residential or commercial context. Opportunities are also available to design spaces with a view to specific industries; for example set design for film, theatre and television. Designing for specific demographics is also possible including creating and modifying spaces to accommodate user needs. Potential also exists for sustainable design using natural textiles, energy efficient materials, and ergonomic design.

  • Creative students with an interest in space, function, and form
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Solutions oriented problem solver

To be considered for admission, applicants are generally required to have successfully completed their VCE or equivalent. Mature-aged applicants who have attained sufficient industry experience will also be considered. If you are a domestic student aged under 18 you can enrol at the Academy but you will need your parent or guardian's consent. Unfortunately we are unable to enrol international students under the age of 18.

  • Small classes. Generally no more than 18.
  • State of the art facilities, including industry standard computing equipment and software.

Bachelor of Design Arts

During Orientation the Academy will provide you with a detailed list of the required materials for the program.

The Bachelor of Design Arts is completed over 3 years or part-time equivalent. The course consists of five credit-bearing units of study per semester. 15-17 contact hours per week. 16 week semesters.


80% project work (including practical work, essays, presentations and group assignments) and 20% test.