Student resources

Academic Support

The Academy's small class sizes and high classroom hours ensure that all our students receive ongoing academic support throughout their studies. We also provide the following additional support services:

Bridging Courses

Applicants to the Academy may be required to undertake a test of foundational skills such as computing (all applicants) and garment construction (Fashion & Costume Design applicants). Prospective students identified as needing development in these areas will be offered bridging courses prior to commencement of their Bachelor studies to ensure they are adequately prepared.

Orientation Programs

Students commencing at the Academy or returning after a leave of absence are given a comprehensive orientation, covering topics from time management to academic policies and procedures, as well as introducing key Academy administrative and academic staff. These sessions provide a solid introduction to the expectations, responsibilities and opportunities associated with higher education, assisting students to make best use of their time at the Academy.

Language and Literacy Assistance

The Academy provides students with free one-on-one assistance in academic literacy and essay writing. This service is available to students on demand, or by referral from tutors, as the semester progresses.

Student Progress Monitoring

Throughout every study period the Academy continuously monitors students’ academic progress and attendance. This helps us to identify students who may be experiencing problems as soon as possible. The Academy’s Student Progress Committee can then offer appropriate guidance and support.

Study Plans

Students who do not successfully complete one or more units will be asked to attend a personal meeting with a representative of the Student Progress Committee to discuss the implications for the student’s future study load and strategies to avoid further unsatisfactory performance.